Scott Parnell

Brief Summary

Scott Parnell is Nora Grey's childhood friend (when they were five and when Scott constantly wet himself and became known as Scotty the Potty) that ends up coming back into her life at a very strange time as Nora wishes to get back at Patch for hurting her. Nora highly suspects that he is a Nephilim after she hears him mind-speaking to his mother, which prompts her to investiage farther, eventually discovering that he is, in fact, Nephilim. He becomes drunk in one scene, and supposedly tries to have sex with Nora. He makes his debut in Crescendo and throughout the books Nora and him become rather good friends.


He is seen as rather not to be taken entirely serious yet he's allso not the boy you would like to bring home to your mother as he often parties and drinks. Scott is a loyal, helping friend despite all with a rather troubled backstory that has shaped him to be who he is thorughout the books. 


Scott is described as to be tall and well-built with a silver loop through his right earlobe and a certain boyish charm. 


Scott and his mother, Lynn Parnell, move to Coldwater supposedly after the divorce of Mr. and Mrs. Parnell, and after Scott being kicked out of his previous school for things that are not necessarily stated. He has had a past with the Black Hand. 

He ends up deceased in Finale.